• (adj): Tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health.
    Example: "The salutary influence of pure air"
    Synonyms: beneficial, good

Some articles on salutary:

Salutary Neglect
... Salutary neglect is a term used in American history, referring to an unofficial but long-lasting 17th- 18th-century British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws ... form by the constraints of watchful and suspicious government, but that, through a wise and salutary neglect, a generous nature has been suffered to take her own way to perfection ... Salutary neglect occurred in three time periods ...
Societal Marketing - Instruments
... a high level of immediate satisfaction, but can cause harm to the society in the long run Salutary products, which bring low short term satisfaction, but ...

Famous quotes containing the word salutary:

    It is to the press mankind are indebted for having dispelled the clouds which so long encompassed religion, for disclosing her genuine lustre, and disseminating her salutary doctrines.
    James Madison (1751–1836)