Sailing At The 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's Laser Radial Class

Sailing At The 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's Laser Radial Class

Women's Laser Radial class competition at the 2008 Summer Olympic regatta took place from August 12 to 19 in Qingdao, at the Qingdao International Marina. 28 sailors competed in this Laser Radial single-handed dinghy racing series.

Points were assigned based on the finishing position in each race (1 for first, 2 for second, etc.). The points were totaled from the top 9 results of the first 10 races, with lower totals being better. If a sailor was disqualified or did not complete the race, 29 points were assigned for that race (1 more than for a last place finish). The top 10 sailors at that point competed in the final race, with placings counting double for final score. The sailor with the lowest total score won.

All the medal winners in this event made their Olympic debut at the Beijing 2008 games: Anna Tunnicliffe of Team USA won the gold medal, Gintarė Volungevičiūtė (Lithuania) and Xu Lijia (People's Republic of China) won silver and bronze respectively.

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