Sacred Evil

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Yohken Asakura - Guardian Ghosts
... because Yoh believes that Tokagero is not as evil as he claims ... Imari is a kitsune who was once an evil nature spirit, but became helpful guardian spirit after being defeated by the Asakura family ... The spirit was found in a sacred place within an old church during one of the X-Laws' pilgrimages and became Jeanne's spirit when she broke the spell that sealed him there ...
Ipsita Roy Chakraverti - Biography - 1996–2004: Election Candidacy, Beloved Witch and Sacred Evil
... She released a second book in 2003, titled Sacred Evil Encounters with the Unknown ... The book, which was previously known as Good and Evil, chronicled nine case studies during her life as a Wiccan healer and gives explanations as to why those events ... Rajdeep Bains from The Tribune commented "Sacred Evil is a very coherent account of the author’s dealings with witchcraft and sorcery ...
Sacred Evil – A True Story
... Sacred Evil is an Indian supernatural/surreal film directed by Abhigyan Jha and Abhiyan Rajhans ... Sacred Evil is about duality, exploring the premise that reality always has two sides ...
Sympathy For The Record Industry - Discography
... Stellar 7" SFTRI 027 God Rockin' Marky 7" SFTRI 028 The Twenty Second Sect UXB 7" SFTRI 029 Sacred Miracle Cave Heavy Black Noise 7" SFTRI 030 ... Destroyer 7" SFTRI 060 Slub Burning Immigrant 7" SFTRI 061 Sacred Miracle Cave Salvation 7" SFTRI 062 Tav Falco His Panther Burns Surfside Date 7" SFTRI 063 Johnny Legend House ... SFTRI 111 El Vez En El Barrio 7" SFTRI 112 Sacred Miracle Cave Melt Like Butter 2x7" SFTRI 113 Supersuckers Saddle Tramp 7" SFTRI 114 Atomic 61 Rip 7" SFTRI 115/Sweet VA ...

Famous quotes containing the words evil and/or sacred:

    What an age experiences as evil is usually an untimely reverberation echoing what was previously experienced as good—the atavism of an older ideal.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    I want the necessity of supplying my own wants. All this costly culture of yours is not necessary. Greatness does not need it. Yonder peasant, who sits neglected, carries a whole revolution of man and nature in his head, which shall be a sacred history to some future ages.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)