Russell Grant - Early and Personal Life

Early and Personal Life

Grant was raised in a council house in the 1950s, his father working as a sales rep for a car accessory business. Later his parents worked at Pinewood Studios, his mother Jo dealing with contracts, his father a set designer and he spent most of his childhood in the care of his grandparents. After losing both his grandmothers to Alzheimer's disease, Grant suffered clinical depression.

Grants first job was as an unpaid Archivist & Statistician of Middlesex County FA

Grant's original career was as an actor and performed in a variety of productions including Tom Brown's Schooldays with Keith Chegwin who shared a similar career path from acting to television. It is through this work he met his partner Doug Beaumont, who worked as a stagehand in a Blackpool theatre.

Grant helped design the badge for Brentford F.C., the team he supports though he has been a keen follower of all non-league clubs in Middlesex since the 1950s, having regularly attended games at various clubs during childhood.

Grant has worked as a Redcoat at Butlin's Holiday Camps.

Grant is gay and has been with his partner Doug Beaumont, who is also his manager, for 40 years.

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