Runic Inscription

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Spånga Church - Runestone
... On one side the stone has a runic inscription within bands with an interior Christian cross design, and on the other side it has a second cross ... This classification is used for those inscriptions where the runic text band ends are straight and do not have any attached serpent or animal heads ... The runic inscription for stylistic reasons has been attributed to a runemaster named Gunnar ...
Greece Runestones - The Runestones - Nomenclature
... Every runic inscription is shown with its ID code that is used in scholarly literature to refer to the inscription, and it is only obligatory to give the first two parts of it ... The first part is one or two letters that represent the area where the runic inscription appears, e.g ... part represents the order in which the inscription is presented in the official national publications (e.g ...
Grumpan Bracteate - Runic Inscription
... The following is a drawing of the inscription made by Sigurd Agrell (Lapptrummor och Runmagi, 1934) Transliteration fuþarkgw hnijïp tbeml(ŋ)(o)d The Grumpan ... at Grumpan were used as amulets with the futhark inscription part of the amulet's magical power ...

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    The oft-repeated Roman story is written in still legible characters in every quarter of the Old World, and but today, perchance, a new coin is dug up whose inscription repeats and confirms their fame. Some “Judæa Capta,” with a woman mourning under a palm tree, with silent argument and demonstration confirms the pages of history.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)