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Edgar, Allan, and Poe

Three dapper uptown crows, Edgar, Allan, and Poe live in an attached addition to the mansion. However, out of the three, Poe is the one seen most often. Edgar and Allan are rarely seen and when they are, they never speak. However, they appear to spend most of their time in the series acting as Poe's bodyguards and servants since they are taller than him. Poe meanwhile, as a man of culture and sophistication, likes to think of himself as a role model to the rest of the mansion's residents. Unfortunately, he tends to be a little too attached to his image and likes to cover up the parts of him that make him look like less than what he makes himself out to be. For example, he'd rather tell people he's performing in an actual opera than admit that he's staying home to listen to opera records. Poe's pampered nature also tends to make him overreact to things that everyone else would more or less take in stride. There is at least some evidence that Poe's cultured accent is an affectation. In episode "Unsung Hero", Poe reverts to an East End accent while speaking to Skull Boy. Skull Boy remarks that Poe's Oxford accent has vanished much to Poe's discomfort. Poe is fond of claiming to be a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe's pet budgie Paco, which claim is proven in the episode "Time Flies".

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