RT-2PM Topol - Operator


The Strategic Rocket Forces are the only operator of the Topol. Current Strategic Rocket Forces Order of Battle lists the following sites with Topol missiles:

  • 27th Guards Missile Army (HQ: Vladimir)
    • 7th Guards Missile Division at Vypolzovo with 18 Topol
    • 14th Missile Division at Yoshkar-Ola with 27 Topol
    • 54th Guards Missile Division at Teykovo with 9 Topol
  • 31st Missile Army (HQ: Rostoshi)
    • 42nd Missile Division at Nizhniy Tagil with 36 Topol
  • 33rd Guards Missile Army (HQ: Omsk)
    • 35th Missile Division at Barnaul with 36 Topol
    • 39th Guards Missile Division at Novosibirsk with 36 Topol
    • 51st Guards Missile Division at Irkutsk with 27 Topol

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