Romanian Numbers - Particularities


  • In Romanian, a number like 1500 is never read in a way similar to English fifteen hundred, but always o mie cinci sute "one thousand five hundred".
  • Sometimes, the numbers 100 and 1000 are spelled out as una sută and una mie, instead of the usual o sută, o mie. This is to ensure that the number of hundreds or thousands is understood correctly, for example when writing out numbers as words, mostly in contexts dealing with money amounts, in forms, telegrams, etc. For example, the 100 lei note is marked with the text "". Such a spelling is very formal and used almost exclusively in writing.
  • In poor translations from English to Romanian it is possible to find the word billion translated as bilion instead of miliard, although the term does not mean anything in modern Romanian. The reverse (Romanian miliard translated into milliard) also occurs.
  • The title of the book Arabian Nights is translated into Romanian as O mie şi una de nopţi (textually One thousand and one nights), using the conjunction şi although not required by the number naming rules.

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