Roman Rite

The Roman Rite is the liturgical rite used in the Diocese of Rome in the Catholic Church. It is by far the most widespread of the Latin liturgical rites used within the Western or Latin autonomous particular Church, the particular Church that itself is also called the Latin Rite, and that is one of 23 particular churches in full communion with the Bishop of Rome. Like virtually all other liturgical rites, the Roman Rite has grown and been adapted over the centuries. Its Eucharistic liturgy can be divided into three historical stages: Pre-Tridentine, Tridentine, and the Post-Tridentine.

With his 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI approved the continued use of the form in the 1962 Roman Missal, within certain limits in the case of Mass celebrated with the people, as an extraordinary form of the Roman Rite.

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Liturgical Book - Roman Catholic
... In the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, the primary liturgical books are the Roman Missal, which contains the texts of the Mass, and the Roman Breviary, which contains the text of the Liturgy of the Hours ... With the 1969 reform of the Roman Missal by Pope Paul VI, now called the "Ordinary Use of the Roman Rite", the Scriptual readings were expanded considerably, requiring a separate book, known as the Lectionary ... The Roman Ritual contains the texts of the sacraments other than the Mass, such as baptism, the sacrament of penance, the anointing of the sick, and the sacrament ...
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... Vicar Apostolics of Nekemte (Roman rite) Bishop-Elect Theodorus Van Ruijven (Apostolic Administrator, July 2008 – July 23, 2009 Bishop-Elect, July 23, 2009 - present ... (September 3, 1982 – October 19, 1983) Vicars Apostolic of Gimma (Roman Rite) Bishop Hendrik Joseph Alois Bomers, C.M. 15, 1937 – 1943) Prefects Apostolic of Kaffa (Roman Rite) Fr ...
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... Western ears find the traditional chant of the Roman Rite, known as Gregorian chant, less ornate than that of the Eastern rites except in such pieces as the graduals and ... However, when Western Europe adopted polyphony, the music of the Roman Rite did become very elaborate and lengthy ... Again, while in all the other ancient rites the Liturgy is chanted throughout, in the Tridentine form of the Roman Rite and for some centuries before, it was normal for the priest to merely speak the words of the ...
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... Use of the 1962 texts as an extraordinary form of the Roman Rite is still permitted in accordance with the conditions laid down in the document Summorum Pontificum of 2007 ... In contrast, the later form of the Roman Rite allows the priest to incense the offerings either with three swings of the thurible or by forming a cross once with the thurible over the offerings ...
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