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Switzerland In The Roman Era - Roman Switzerland - Culture and Society
... See also Gallo-Roman culture Testaments of Roman culture such as baths, floor heating and imported goods (pottery, glass, religious icons and artworks) have been found in even the poorest Roman era dwellings ... Roman public baths were found in all villages, temples with integrated theaters – showing animal or gladiatorial combat – in most ... While the superimposition of Roman culture on the local population appears to have been unproblematic and thorough, the Celtic traditions did not disappear entirely, resulting in a ...
Cultural Impact Of Classical Greek Homoeroticism - Ancient Rome
... Rome and Sexuality in ancient Rome The Hellenization of elite culture as a kind of luxury import influenced sexual attitudes among "avant-garde, philhellenic Romans." The prestige of Greek literature and ... There were fears, however, that Greek models might affect behavior and corrupt traditional Roman social codes (the mos maiorum) ... relationships between freeborn males, perhaps to protect Roman youth from older men emulating Greek customs of pederasty ...
Germanic-Roman Contacts - Military Aspect
... of different Germanic tribes and communities served in the Roman legions, and fought with the Romans ... It's probable that for instance Germanic Chieftains who fought with the Romans, tried to adapt to, and adopt, Roman culture, and that they tried to identify with the Roman nobility ... In exchange for military service, the Germanics got Roman objects, although not Roman weapons, as there were Roman laws against exporting arms to the Germanic tribes ...

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    In society, in the best institutions of men, it is easy to detect a certain precocity. When we should still be growing children, we are already little men. Give me a culture which imports much muck from the meadows, and deepens the soil,—not that which trusts to heating manures, and improved implements, and modes of culture only!
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    It’s no accident that of all the monuments left of the Greco- Roman culture the biggest is the ballpark, the Colosseum, the Yankee Stadium of ancient times.
    Walter Wellesley (Red)