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Charles Henry Wharton
... deacon in June, 1772, and priest the following September, both in the Roman Catholic Church ... Revolution he resided at Worcester, England, as chaplain to the Roman Catholics in that city ... Church of England, he published his celebrated "Letter to the Roman Catholics of Worcester" (Philadelphia, 1784), and became rector of Immanuel Church, New Castle, Delaware ...
Lutheran Marian Theology - Comparison To Roman Catholic Views
... Luther came to criticize Roman Catholics for blurring the distinction between high admiration of the grace of God wherever it is manifested in human beings and ... In some instances he considered the Roman Catholic practice of making intercessory requests addressed especially to Mary and other departed saints to be idolatry ... Can anyone deny this? Is it not true?" This distinction separates Lutheran views from Roman Catholic Mariology ...
Christianity In The United States - History - The 19th Century - Roman Catholicism
... Main article History of Roman Catholicism in the United States See also Catholic Church in the United States By 1850 Roman Catholics had become the country's largest single ... Between 1860 and 1890 the population of Roman Catholics in the United States tripled through immigration by the end of the decade it would reach seven million ... These huge numbers of immigrant Catholics came from Ireland, Southern Germany, Italy, Poland and Eastern Europe ...
Christianity In Angola - Christianity in Angola
... Christianity in Angola began in 1491, with a Catholic mission in the São Salvador area ... According to the CIA World Factbook, Roman Catholicism is practiced by 50% of the population ... Although Roman Catholic missions were largely staffed by non-Portuguese during the colonial era, the relevant statutes and accords provided that foreign missionaries could be admitted only with the approval of the ...
Christianity In Vietnam - Roman Catholics
... Roman Catholicism first entered Vietnam through Catholic missionaries in 16th century and strengthened its influence when Vietnam was a French colony ... the spiritual and cultural power of Roman Catholic Church in Southeast Asia ... helping in a Nguyễn Ánh victory, he would gain concessions for the Catholic Church in Vietnam ...

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    My first childish doubt as to whether God could really be a good Protestant was suggested by my observation of the deplorable fact that the best voices available for combination with my mother’s in the works of the great composers had been unaccountably vouchsafed to Roman Catholics.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    Our whole walk was through a thoroughly Catholic country, and there was no trace of any other religion. I doubt if there are any more simple and unsophisticated Catholics anywhere.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The Roman Road runs straight and bare
    As the pale parting-line in hair
    Across the heath.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)