Rollo (disambiguation) - Last Name

Last Name

  • Clan Rollo, Scottish clan
  • Andrew Rollo, 5th Lord Rollo (1703–1765), British army general in Canada and Dominica
  • Alex Rollo (1926–2004), Scottish football player and manager
  • Bill Rollo, British Army officer
  • David Rollo (footballer) (1891–1963), Northern Ireland Association Football player
  • David Rollo (rugby union) (born 1934), Scottish rugby player
  • Jim Rollo (footballer) (1937–2012), Scottish footballer
  • Jimmy Rollo (born 1976), English footballer
  • Marcus Di Rollo (born 1978), Scottish retired rugby player
  • Robert Rollo, 4th Lord Rollo (1679–1758), Scottish nobleman and Jacobite; father of Andrew Rollo
  • William Rollo (1894–1960), Scottish-born academic

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