Rocky V (album)

Rocky V (album)

The Rocky V Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 1990 film, Rocky V. It is a complete departure from the previous films' soundtracks, because it doesn't consist of mainly classic Bill Conti tunes, or rock music, but rather the soundtrack is dominated by rap music. Although in the film the classic Bill Conti songs "Mickey" and "Gonna Fly Now" are used in the film, they are not featured on the soundtrack. The only Bill Conti song on the soundtrack, "Can't Stop the Fire", is not used in the film, but the song is used on the soundtrack Rocky Balboa: The Best of Rocky, which is the soundtrack for the film, Rocky Balboa. Only four of the eleven tracks on the soundtrack are used in the film. They are: the film's theme, "Go for It (Heart and Fire)" by Joey B. Ellis, "Take You Back (Home Sweet Home)" by 7A3, "Keep It Up" by Snap! and "The Measure of a Man", by Elton John.

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