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Plimpton 322 - Interpretation
... As Neugebauer argues, each line of the tablet can be generated by a pair (p,q) that are both regular numbers, integer divisors of a power of 60 ... However, as Eleanor Robson (2002) points out, Neugebauer's theory fails to explain how the values of p and q were chosen there are 92 pairs of coprime ... However, Robson argues on linguistic grounds that this theory is "conceptually anachronistic" it depends on too many other ideas not present in the record of Babylonian mathematics ...

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    A wit should no more be sincere, than a woman constant; one argues a decay of parts, as t’other of beauty.
    William Congreve (1670–1729)

    An actor rides in a bus or railroad train; he sees a movement and applies it to a new role. A woman in agony of spirit might turn her head just so; a man in deep humiliation probably would wring his hands in such a way. From straws like these, drawn from completely different sources, the fabric of a character may be built. The whole garment in which the actor hides himself is made of small externals of observation fitted to his conception of a role.
    —Eleanor Robson Belmont (1878–1979)