Robert Livingstone

Not to be confused with Robert Livingston.

Robert "Rob" Livingstone (born October 10, 1967, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is the creator and Producer of, the original and only publication that specializes in reporting on host city bids for the Olympic Games, since 1998.

Livingstone specialty is the Olympic Games' selection process and frequently comments in the media on the issues related to hosting of the Olympic Games by various cities.

He is a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians and the Olympic Journalists Association. With an education in business and economics and political science from York University in Toronto, he first became interested and involved in the Olympic Bid process during the 1996 Olympic Games candidacy in 1990. He has been studying and enjoying the process ever since.

Livingstone has been quoted and used as a resource by print, broadcast and Web media around the world including major publications in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Australia, France, Brazil, Austria, Germany and many other countries. He regularly provides commentary on radio and television news shows internationally (including an appearance on an Investigative Reports episode, "Tarnished Gold" that originally appeared on the A&E network on September 15, 2000).

Also an author, Robert Livingstone has contributed editorial content for newspapers and magazines including a series about New York's 2012 Olympic bid in the New York Sun newspaper.

He launched the Website that has become a standard reference for the Olympic Bid industry providing news, information and commentary as well as BidIndex, the original and widely referenced Bid rating system. The website is intended to provide a central repository of news, information and interaction to the Olympic Bid industry and those interested in it.

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