RKM Engine

RKM Engine

The Rotary Piston Machine (German: Rotationskolbenmaschine (RKM)) is a new (still in development) form of machine. It can be used either to transform pressure into rotational motion (an engine), or the converse - rotational motion into pressure (pump). It is still in development, but has possible applications in fields requiring oil, fuel or water pumps, as well as pumps for non-abrasive fluids when moderate or high pressure is required. For instance: Hydraulics, fluid and gas transport systems, presses, fuel injection, irrigation, heating systems, hydraulic lifts, water jet engines, hydro- and pneumatic engines, and medical pumps. The machine's inventor is Boris I. Schapiro, along with co-inventors Lev B. Levitin and Naum Kruk.

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