River Teise

The River Teise (pronounced /ˈtiːz/ TEEZ or /ˈtaɪs/ TYS) is a tributary of the River Medway in Kent, England. It begins in Dunorlan Park in Tunbridge Wells. and flows eastwards past Bayham Abbey and then through Lamberhurst. 2 miles downstream of Lamberhurst the small River Bewl, on which is the reservoir Bewl Water, joins the Teise.

Unusually the Teise bifurcates 1+1⁄4 miles (2.0 km) south west of the village of Marden, passing either side of a low ridge. The Lesser Teise flows for about 4 miles (6.4 km) before joining the River Beult at Hunton. The Greater Teise, now carrying only minor quantities, flows for about 5 miles (8.0 km) to the River Medway at Twyford Bridge, upstream of Yalding, formerly the site of a double ford over both the Medway and Teise rivers. The Beult flows through Yalding, then also joins the Medway about 6 furlongs (1.2 km) below Twyford Bridge.

Like many other rivers in southern England the River Teise was subject to a Land Drainage Improvement Scheme during the 1950s. The River Lesser Teise was widened, straightened and deepened from Horsmonden to the River Beult confluence. Hence it now carries much of the flow.

The Greater Teise upstream of where the Lesser Teise bifurcates, and the section downstream of Marden to its confluence with the River Medway was also "improved". A number of weirs were built at the time of this work, and still exist today. They split the flows between channels and some are also gauging stations.

Some of the former meanders of the Lesser Teise can still be seen today within retained areas of woodland. These provide a record of the natural character of the River Teise, as does the 4 km bifurcated section of the Greater Teise, which was left largely untouched.

Whilst this work effectively drained the land, it has massively impoverished the ecology of the river, and of course led to a huge loss of floodplain habitat along its course. A significant cost to river wildlife and fishing for the sake of a relatively tiny area of agriculture.

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