Ridge Racer (video Game)

Ridge Racer (video Game)

Ridge Racer (リッジレーサー, Rijji Rēsā?) is a 1993 racing video game created by Namco. It was initially released on the Namco System 22 arcade system board, and was later ported to the PlayStation console. It is the first title in the long-running Ridge Racer series of games released for arcades and home systems. In the game, the player assumes the role of a car driver and competes with other computer-controlled cars.

The first home version of Ridge Racer was released in Japan in 1994 as a launch title for the original Sony PlayStation console; the version for North America and Europe was released in 1995. The game played a major role in establishing the new system and in giving it an early edge over its nearest competitor, the Sega Saturn.

After release, Ridge Racer received mixed reception. Most reviewers praised the graphics and audio, although they later complained about too arcade-like gameplay and lack of artificial intelligence.

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... On December 31,2005,a version of the game for mobile phones was released ... GameSpot'sJeff Gerstmann gave the game 6.1/10 ... He praised graphics as somewhat impressive for a mobile game" but he criticized too easy steering,saying that it doesn't take long to master the game. Levi Buchanan of IGN gave RidgeRacer 6.2/10,complaining ...

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