Ridge Racer 64 - Cars


There are a total of 32 cars featured in the game. Four of them are available at the start of the game, while most of them (20 in total, one for each track) must be unlocked in Car Attack Mode. The other eight vehicles are available under special conditions.

  • Starter vehicles: #3 F/A Racing, #4 RT Ryukyu, #76 PAC Racing and #02 RT Solvalou.
  • Vehicles unlocked through Car Attack:
    • Stage 1: #15 RT Pink Mappy, #5 RT Blue Mappy, #16 Galaga RT Prid's
    • Stage 2: #6 Galaga RT Carrot, #18 RT Bosconian, #8 RT NebulasRay
    • Stage 3: #7 RT Xevious Red, #17 RT Xevious Green, #14 Dig Racing Team
    • Stage 4: #83 Micro Mouse Mappy, #13 13th Racing Kid, #0 White Angel
    • Stage 5: #88 DigiPen Racing, #25 Assoluto Infinito, #3 Age Solo Supernova
    • Stage 6: #94 Atomic Purple, #56 Extreme Green, #12 Terrazi Terrific
    • Stage 7: #13 Lizard Nightmare
    • Stage 8: #01 Screamin' Eagle
  • Special vehicles: #64 Ultra 64, #00 00-Agent, Galaga '88 (the spaceship from the eponymous game), Blinky, #26 Red Shirt Rage, #99 Crazy Canuck, #4 Caddy Car and Pooka.

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