Revolutionary Students Unity of Bangladesh

Revolutionary Students Unity or Biplobi Chhatro Moitry, is an independent secular students' organization for student rights, while Students Unity of Bangladesh or Bangladesh Chhatro Moitry is the independent student organization . The organisation was founded in 1980 through the unification of four student movements: Jatio Chhatra Andolan, Purbo Bangla Chhatra Union, Jatio Chhatra Dal and Jatio Chhatra Dal. It originally followed the pro-Peking students union stream, but its political theory has changed over the years. It had a significant role during most of the recent progressive movements, notably the anti-Ershad people's movement and anti-Razakar movement under Jahanara Imam.

The central committee of RSU consists of 17 members. present President is Abdur Rouf and General Secretary is Hillol Roy Organizing secretary foysal faruk avik.

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