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Master Chef (UK TV Series) - UK Transmission Guide - Revived Series - MasterChef: The Professionals
... Series Start date End date Number of editions 25 ... August 19 ... September 14 ... September 22 ... October 27 ... September 2 ... November 17 ... Special 8 November 2010 7 ... November 2011 15 ...
Story Arcs In Doctor Who - Revived Series - The Woman Twice Dead
... See also Doctor Who (series 7) Initially, no story arc was evident in the final episodes featuring Amy and Rory, tricking the viewers into thinking there wasn't one ... River Song said in the eighth episode of the previous series, where River said "I was born to kill the Doctor." ...
Companion (Doctor Who) - Role
... In the revived era, some guest characters have gained companion status such as Mickey Smith, River Song, Wilfred Mott, and Craig Owens ... females, the production team for the 1963–89 series maintained a long-standing taboo against any overt romantic involvement in the TARDIS for example ... The 2005 series played with this idea by having various characters think that the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler were a couple, which they vehemently denied ...
Doctorwho - Viewership - International
... beginning in September 1964, and continued to screen the series for many years, including the new series from 2005 ... In Canada, the series debuted in January 1965, but the CBC only aired the first 26 episodes ... picked up the show in 1976 beginning with The Three Doctors and aired each series (several years late) through to series 24 in 1991 ...
Character Options - Doctor Who
... toy licence to produce merchandise related to the revived series, Doctor Who ... Representing the first three televised seasons of the revived series, the line has included variants of the Tenth Doctor and Rose, and an extensive ... Even more figures were produced when Series 4 of the revived series hit our screens ...

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