Reverse Bias

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Semiconductor Diodes - Current–voltage Characteristic
... This is the reverse bias phenomenon ... is said to be "turned on" as it has a forward bias ... At very large reverse bias, beyond the peak inverse voltage or PIV, a process called reverse breakdown occurs that causes a large increase in current (i.e ...
Gate Turn-off Thyristor - Reverse Bias
... are available with or without reverse blocking capability ... Reverse blocking capability adds to the forward voltage drop because of the need to have a long, low doped P1 region ... GTO thyristors capable of blocking reverse voltage are known as Symmetrical GTO thyristors, abbreviated S-GTO ...
MOSFET Operation - Body Effect
... Application of a source-to-substrate reverse bias of the source-body pn-junction introduces a split between the Fermi levels for electrons and holes, moving the Fermi level for the channel ... This change in channel strength by application of reverse bias is called the body effect ... Simply put, using an nMOS example, the gate-to-body bias VGB positions the conduction-band energy levels, while the source-to-body bias VSB positions the electron ...
Semiconductor Diodes - Shockley Diode Equation
... the I–V characteristic of an ideal diode in either forward or reverse bias (or no bias) ... The equation is where I is the diode current, IS is the reverse bias saturation current (or scale current), VD is the voltage across the diode, VT is the thermal voltage, and n is the ideality factor, also known ... The reverse saturation current, IS, is not constant for a given device, but varies with temperature usually more significantly than VT, so that VD typically decreases as T increases ...
List Of LED Failure Modes - Stress-related
... Reverse bias Although the LED is based on a diode junction and is nominally a rectifier, the reverse-breakdown mode for some types can occur at very low. 5V is a typical, "maximum reverse bias voltage" figure for ordinary LEDs some special types may have lower limits ...

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