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Lake Forest College Alumni - Presidents
... Reverend Daniel Gregory, 1878-1886 Reverend William C ... Coulter, 1893-1896 Reverend James Gore King McClure, 1897-1901 Richard D ...
St. Paul Catholic Church (Highland, Illinois) - Leadership
... Reverend Charles A ... Edwards, Pastor Reverend Scott Snider, Parochial vicar Reverend David L ...
List Of Organizations In The Honorverse - Church of Humanity Unchained - Organization
... The spiritual head of the Church is the Reverend, a title given to the First Elder of the Church ... The Reverend can, in consultation with the leadership of the Church, issue decrees regarding Church policy, doctrine, and internal affairs ... By tradition, every week the Reverend celebrates a service in the cathedral of a Steading, cycling through Grayson's eighty-two Steadings and beginning again ...
Live (Reverend EP)
... Live is the 1992 EP by heavy metal band Reverend ... This is Reverend's only live offering to date ... Most of the songs on this EP come from Reverend's full-length releases, with one ("The Power of Persuasion") coming from Reverend's EP debut ...
List Of Bishops Of Peterborough
... The current and 38th Bishop of Peterborough is the Right Reverend Donald Allister ... He succeeded the Right Reverend Ian Patrick Martyn Cundy, who died in post on 7 May 2009 ... The Right Reverend Donald Allister, who was the Archdeacon of Chester in the Diocese of Chester from 2002 to 2010, was consecrated as a bishop on 25 March 2010 at St Paul's Cathedral by the Archbishop ...

More definitions of "reverend":

  • (noun): A title of respect for a clergyman.

Famous quotes containing the word reverend:

    At length I met a reverend good old man,
    George Herbert (1593–1633)

    That reverend Vice, that grey Iniquity, that father Ruffian,
    that Vanity in years.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    I don’t think Dr. King helped racial harmony, I think he helped racial justice. What I profess to do is help the oppressed and if I cause a load of discomfort in the white community and the black community, that in my opinion means I’m being effective, because I’m not trying to make them comfortable. The job of an activist is to make people tense and cause social change.
    Al, Reverend Sharpton (b. 1954)