Revealing Layer

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Line Moiré - Superposition of Layers With Periodically Repeating Parallel Lines
... Simple moiré patterns can be observed when superposing two transparent layers comprising periodically repeating opaque parallel lines as shown in Figure 1 ... The lines of one layer are parallel to the lines of the second layer ... The superposition image does not change if transparent layers with their opaque patterns are inverted ...
Line Moiré - Superposition of Layers With Inclined Lines - The Revealing Lines Inclination As A Function of The Superposition Image’s Lines Inclination
... Here is the equation for computing the revealing layer line inclination αr for a given base layer line inclination αb, and a desired moiré line inclination ... The inclination degrees of the layers’ and moiré lines change along the horizontal axis according the following sequence of alternating degree values (+30, –30, +30, –30, +30) ... pattern as in Figure 6, but with a base layer comprising straight lines inclined by –10 degrees ...
Shape Moiré
1D patterns may appear when superimposing an opaque layer containing tiny horizontal transparent lines on top of a layer containing a complex shape which is periodically repeating along ... The opaque layer with transparent lines is called the revealing layer ... The layer containing the periodically repeating shapes is called the base layer ...

Famous quotes containing the words layer and/or revealing:

    A revolution is not the overturning of a cart, a reshuffling in the cards of state. It is a process, a swelling, a new growth in the race. If it is real, not simply a trauma, it is another ring in the tree of history, layer upon layer of invisible tissue composing the evidence of a circle.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)

    There comes a time when the waltz
    Is no longer a mode of desire, a mode
    Of revealing desire and is empty of shadows.
    Too many waltzes have ended.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)