René Magritte

René Magritte

René François Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fell under the umbrella of surrealism. His work challenges observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality.

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René Magritte - Selected List of Works
... 1920 Landscape 1922 The Station and L'Écuyère 1923 Self-portrait, Sixth Nocturne, Georgette at the Piano and Donna 1925 The Bather and The Window 1926 The Lost Jockey, The Mind of the Traveler, Sensational News, The Difficult Crossing, The Vestal's Agony, The Midnight Marriage, The Musings of a Solitary Walker, After the Water the Clouds, Popular Panorama, Landscape and The Encounter 1927 Young Girl Eating a Bird, The Oasis (started in 1925), ″Le Double Secret", The Meaning of Night, Let Out of School, The Man from the Sea, The Tiredness of Life, The Light-breaker, A Passion for Light, The Menaced Assassin, Reckless Sleeper, La Voleuse, The Fast Hope, L'Atlantide and The Muscles of the Sky 1928 The Lining of Sleep (started in 1927), Intermission (started in 1927), The Flowers of the Abyss, Discovery, The Lovers I II, The Voice of Space, The Daring Sleeper, The Acrobat's Ideas, The Automaton, The Empty Mask, Reckless Sleeper, The Secret Life and Attempting the Impossible 1929 The Treachery of Images (started in 1928), Threatening Weather and On the Threshold of Liberty 1930 Pink Belles, Tattered Skies, The Eternally Obvious, The Lifeline, The Annunciation and Celestial Perfections 1931 The Voice of the Air, Summer and The Giantess 1932 The Universe Unmasked 1933 Elective Affinities, The Human Condition and The Unexpected Answer 1934 The Rape 1935 The Discovery of Fire, The Human Condition, Revolution, Perpetual Motion, Collective Invention, The False Mirror and The Portrait 1936 Surprise Answer, Clairvoyance, The Healer, The Philosopher's Lamp, Spiritual Exercises, Portrait of Irène Hamoir, La Méditation and Forbidden Literature 1937 The Future of Statues, The Black Flag, Not to be Reproduced, Portrait of Edward James and Portrait of Rena Schitz, On the Threshold of Liberty 1938 Time Transfixed, The Domain of Arnheim and Steps of Summer 1939 Victory 1940 The Return, The Wedding Breakfast and Les Grandes Espérances 1941 The Break in the Clouds 1942 Misses de L'Isle Adam, L'Ile au Tréson, Memory, Black Magic, Les compagnons de la peur and The Misanthropes 1943 The Return of the Flame, Universal Gravitation and Monsieur Ingres's Good Days 1944 The Good Omens 1945 Treasure Island, Les Rencontres Naturelles and Black Magic 1946 L'Intellience and Les Mille et une Nuits 1947 La Philosophie dans le boudoir, The Cicerone, The Liberator, The Fair Captive, La Part du Feu and The Red Model 1948 Blood Will Tell, Memory, The Mountain Dweller, The Art of Life, The Pebble, The Lost Jockey, God's Solon, Shéhérazade, L'Ellipse and Famine and The Taste of Sorrow 1949 Megalomania, Elementary Cosmogany, and Perspective, the Balcony 1950 Making an Entrance, The Legend of the Centuries, Towards Pleasure, The Labors of Alexander, The Empire of Light II, The Fair Captive and The Art of Conversation 1951 David's Madame Récamier (parodying the Portrait of Madame Récamier), Pandora's Box, The Song of the Violet, The Spring Tide and The Smile 1952 Personal Values and Le Sens de la Pudeur 1953 Golconda, The Listening Room and a fresco, The Enchanted Domain, for the Knokke Casino 1954 The Invisible World, The Explanation and The Empire of Light 1955 Memory of a Journey and The Mysteries of the Horizon 1956 The Sixteenth of September 1957 The Fountain of Youth and The Enchanted Domain 1958 The Golden Legend, Hegel's Holiday, The Banquet and The Familiar World 1959 The Castle in the Pyrenees, The Battle of the Argonne, The Anniversary, The Month of the Grape Harvest and The Glass Key 1960 The Memoirs of a Saint 1962 The Great Table, The Healer, Waste of Effort, Mona Lisa (circa 1962) and L'embeillie (circa 1962) 1963 The Great Family, The Open Air, The Beautiful Season, Princes of the Autumn, Young Love, La Recherche de la Vérité and The Telescope and " The Art Of Conversation" 1964 Evening Falls, The Great War, The Son of Man and Song of Love 1965 Carte Blanche, The Thought Which Sees, Ages Ago and The Beautiful Walk (circa 1965) 1966 The Shades, The Happy Donor, The Gold Ring, The Pleasant Truth, The Two Mysteries, and The Mysteries of the Horizon 1967 Les Grâces Naturelles, La Géante, The Blank Page, Good Connections, The Art of Living, L'Art de Vivre and several bronze sculptures based on Magritte's previous works. ...

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    The present reeks of mediocrity and the atom bomb.
    —René Magritte (1898–1967)