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  • The Doctor describes himself to Davros as "President Elect of the High Council of Time Lords". While the Doctor did become President in The Deadly Assassin, assumed the role in The Invasion of Time and was appointed once again as President in The Five Doctors, by the time of his sixth incarnation's trial in The Trial of a Time Lord he had been removed from office due to his absence. While he was offered the opportunity to run for the position again at the end of his trial, he declined.
  • In a scene deleted from the original broadcast, the Doctor also tells Davros that he is "far more than just another Time Lord". This, along with the Doctor's hints that he was present at the creation of the Hand of Omega, was part of the so-called "Cartmel Masterplan" by script editor Andrew Cartmel to restore some of the mystery to the Doctor's origins. More hints would surface over the next two seasons (for example, in Silver Nemesis), but as the programme ceased production in 1989, the intended revelations never came to pass. The Seventh Doctor, from this point on, also grew darker and more manipulative.
  • When asked to sign a document, the Doctor clearly does so with a question mark.

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