Reign: The Conqueror

Alexander Senki (アレクサンダー戦記, Arekusandā Senki?), known in English as Reign: The Conqueror, is a Japanese anime first released in 1999. A re-imagination of the life of Alexander the Great based on the novel of the same name by Hiroshi Aramata, the series was produced by international crew that drew from the resources of the worldwide animation community. Character and setting design for the show was conceived by Peter Chung, the Korean-American animator who created Aeon Flux. Most of the production work was handled by Korean animators.

In the original attempt at American distribution, the producers created a dub under the direction of veteran voice director Jack Fletcher. However, when the anime was picked up by TOKYOPOP and prepared for its 2003 release as Reign: The Conqueror, another dub was created. Still, TOKYOPOP retained the rights to the first four episodes of the series containing Fletcher's original dub, and used them for the first four episodes of the American release. It used the second dub for the remaining episodes.

There is also theatrical version of Reign: The Conqueror that is, in some ways, artistically different from the series. One of those differences is in character design. For example, the design in the movie of the character, Cassandra, is the same as the design in the series of the character, Roxanne. And the design of Roxanne in the movie is the same as that of Cassandra in the series. In other words, the designs for these two characters from the series were swapped for the movie.

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