Red Eyes

Red Eyes (レッドアイーズ, Reddoaiizu?) is an ongoing Japanese manga written and illustrated by Jun Shindo and published by Kodansha. The manga is licensed for a French-language release in France, a German-language release in Germany and an Italian-language release by Panini Comics.

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Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage - Story
... The red-eyed boy and girl have come." Only a voice comes from the darkness ... His red eyes glow with the light of the candle ... The two share a pair of red eyes ...
Ryoma Echizen - Notable Matches - Akaya Kirihara (manga Version)
... While Ryoma starts out well, Kirihara's Red Eyes form becomes too much for him ... Yet he got scared of red eyes and the next day everyone has red eyes, making him faint three times ...
Red Eyes - Technology - Special Assault Armor - Gayer Arms Fabric (Dragnov Federation)
... FR-A12 "Zebra" The prototype model developed by the GAF, much of its technology is derived from AGI ... Fitted with homing anti-armor and anti-air missiles, and fitted with advanced targeting systems that can track targets through walls ...
Samurai Deeper Kyo - Characters
... Demon Eyes Kyo (鬼目の狂, Oni Me no Kyō?) He is known for his demonic blood-red eyes and is one of the most feared samurai in the world ... When he was young, he was shunned by all of the Mibu clan for his demonic red eyes except for the Sendai Aka no Ou (Former Crimson King) ... Mibu Kyōshirō?) A remarkable and mysterious swordsman, depicted as the only rival to Demon Eyes Kyo ...
Criminal Macabre: A Cal Mc Donald Mystery - Collected Editions
... Supernatural Freak Machine 1-5 (Criminal Macabre 11-15) Two Red Eyes Kyle Hotz ISBN 1-59307-843-9 Two Red Eyes 1-4 (Criminal Macabre 17-20) My Demon. 2 ISBN 1-59582-746-3 Two Red Eyes 1-4, My Demon Baby 1-4, Cell Block 666 1-4, Feat of Clay, The Creepy Tree, The Trouble With Brains, Hairball ...

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