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List Of Minor The Mighty Boosh Characters - R - Red Blood Cells
... Appear in Journey to the Centre of the Punk ... Vince's red blood cells are attacked by the Spirit of Jazz ...
... Polychromasia Classification and external resources Reticulocytes Human Blood Supravital Stain MedlinePlus 001318 Polychromasia (also known as Polychromatophilia) is a disorder where there is ... These cells are often shades of grayish blue ... is usually a sign of bone marrow stress as well as immature red blood cells ...
Copper Deficiency - Symptoms - Hematological Presentation
... All types of anemia including microcytic (small red blood cells), macrocytic (large red blood cells, leaving insufficient amounts of hemoglobin per unit volume of blood) and ... It is very rarely that thrombocytopenia, which is a syndrome of low blood platelets leading to slowed clotting and abnormal bleeding, is observed in ... times during a bone marrow biopsy, decreased granulocyte (which are granulated white blood cells including neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils) maturation ...
List Of Doping Cases In Cycling - 1980s - 1988
... EPO stimulates the bone marrow in order to increase red blood cell production and thus the body's ability to carry oxygen ... "Average" red blood cell volume of the population at sea level is about 45% red blood cells ... About 5% of the population has less than 40% red blood cell, which is defined as "anemia" and 5% of the population, including many world class athletes, have a natural red blood cells volume ...

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    Madness is locked beneath. It goes into tissues, is swallowed by the cells. The cells go mad. Cancer is their flag. Cancer is the growth of madness denied.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)

    Here thou art painted in the dress
    Of an inhuman murderess;
    Examining upon our hearts
    Thy fertile shop of cruel arts:
    Engines more keen than ever yet
    Adorned tyrant’s cabinet,
    Of which the most tormenting are
    Black eyes, red lips, and curled hair.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)

    I see His blood upon the rose,
    And in the stars the glory of His eyes
    His body gleams amid eternal snows,
    His tears fall from the skies.
    Joseph Mary Plunkett (1887–1916)