Recursion (computer Science) - Recursion Versus Iteration

Recursion Versus Iteration

Recursion and iteration are equally expressive: recursion can be replaced by iteration with an explicit stack, while iteration can be replaced with tail recursion. Which approach is preferable depends on the problem under consideration and the language used. In imperative programming, iteration is preferred, particularly for simple recursion, as it avoids the overhead of function calls and call stack management, but recursion is generally used for multiple recursion. By contrast, in functional languages recursion is preferred, with tail recursion optimization leading to little overhead, and sometimes explicit iteration is not available.

For example, the factorial function may be implemented iteratively in C by assigning to an loop index variable and accumulator variable, rather than passing arguments and returning values by recursion:

unsigned int factorial(unsigned int n) { unsigned int product = 1; // empty product is 1 while (n) { product *= n; --n; } return product; }

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