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American Football/to Do - Rules - Kickoffs and Free Kicks
... Teams also kick off after scoring touchdowns and field goals ... The ball is kicked using a kicking tee from the team's own 35 yard line in the NFL (as of the 2011 season) and 30 yard line in college football (as of the 2007 season) ... The other team's kick returner tries to catch the ball and advance it as far as possible ...
Squib Kick
... around on the ground before it can be picked up by a member of the receiving team ... The ball is kicked so short that it forces the receiving team's slower players to recover the ball first instead of their faster kick returner ... Secondly, the bouncing ball may be harder for the receiving team to pick up, allowing more time for kicking team members to get downfield to surround the ball carrier ...
Comparison Of American Football And Rugby League - Advancing The Ball
... In American football, the team that's in possession of the ball (the offense) has four "downs", to advance the ball 10 yards towards the end zone ... A team scores ... The team in possession has a "set of six" tackles before having to hand over possession ...
Squib Kick - Strategy
... On average the receiving team will gain better field position than it would returning a normal kick ... However it is considered worthwhile by the kicking team, as it is more difficult to return for a touchdown ... A squib kick can work against the kicking team, especially if the receiving team is expecting it ...
Rugby Union Gameplay - Restart Kicks
... None of the kicking team's players are allowed in front of the player taking the kick until after that player's foot has touched the ball ... kick that does not cross the 10 m line can be played by the receiving team, but not by the kicking team or a midfield scrum is awarded to the ... A restart kick that crosses the side lines without being touched awards the receiving team either a midfield scrum or a line out on the half way line, receiving ...

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    I doubt if men ever made a trade of heroism. In the days of Achilles, even, they delighted in big barns, and perchance in pressed hay, and he who possessed the most valuable team was the best fellow.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    We do not quite forgive a giver. The hand that feeds us is in some danger of being bitten. We can receive anything from love, for that is a way of receiving it from ourselves; but not from any one who assumes to bestow. We sometimes hate the meat which we eat, because there seems something of degrading dependence in living it.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)