• (adj): Made over usually with changes.
    Example: "The rebuilt pier spoiled our view"
    Synonyms: remodeled

Some articles on rebuilt:

LNWR Class F - History
... George Whale had rebuilt 26 of the Class B compound 0-8-0s with the simple addition of a leading pony truck between 1904-1908 to what would from 1911 become ... rebuilds of Class Bs were given a larger 5'2" diameter boilers, and ten were so rebuilt ... the Class Fs into Class G1 superheated 0-8-0s, and by the grouping of 1923, six had been rebuilt ...
LNWR Class E - History
26 were rebuilt by George Whale from Class B 4-cylinder compounds with the simple addition of a leading pony truck to reduce excessive front overhang between 1904-1908 ... Two of Class Es were further rebuilt to Class Fs by the replacement of the 4'3" diameter boiler with a larger 5'2" diameter boiler these being 1038 in 1907 and 647 in 1908 ... A further four were rebuilt to Class G1 in 1923-4, while the remaining six engines were withdrawn still as Class Es in 1927/8, two of them never receiving their ...
LNWR Class B - Rebuilds
... Class F Between 1906 and 1908, Whale also rebuilt 10 with larger Experiment-type boiler to Class F, again adding a leading pony truck ... Class G Neither of the above conversions was particularly successful and, as a result, 32 were rebuilt to Class G with 2-cylinder simple expansion between 1910 and 1917 ... Class G1 Whale's Successor Charles Bowen Cooke rebuilt a further 91 direct from Class B to 2-cylinder simple superheated LNWR Class G1 (also known as "Sup ...
LNWR Class F - List of Locomotives
... Fate Notes 899 Rebuilt from B 1907 7003961000000000000(9610) Rebuilt to G1 352 ... Rebuilt from B 1907 7003961100000000000(9611) Withdrawn 2114 ... Rebuilt from B 1908 Rebuilt ...
St Peter's Church, Derby - Church History
... Although significantly rebuilt around 1350 in the decorated style the church retains Norman features at the eastern end of the church on the east wall of the ... The tower was also rebuilt at this time ... In 1898, the west end of church and tower rebuilt were entirely rebuilt with great sympathy for the existing ancient east end of the church ...

Famous quotes containing the word rebuilt:

    The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast.
    —Gabriel García Márquez (b. 1928)