Reaction Engines Scimitar

The Reaction Engines Scimitar is a derivative of the SABRE engine technology, but intended for airliners (the Reaction Engines A2 concept), rather than space launch applications. Consequently, most of the Scimitar engine technology is similar to SABRE but designed for much longer life. Both engines are designed around existing gas turbine, and ramjet technology, but the Scimitar engine lacks the rocket features and has high bypass features for greater efficiency. The engines burn hydrogen as fuel.

The incorporation of lightweight heat exchangers in the main thermodynamic cycles of these engines is a new feature to aerospace propulsion. Similar studies of intercoolers used on jet engines show significant improvement of efficiency.

Famous quotes containing the words scimitar, reaction and/or engines:

    Up wakened Abdul, belching wretched moans,
    And drew his scimitar and hacked his bones.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    The excessive increase of anything often causes a reaction in the opposite direction.
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)

    America is like one of those old-fashioned six-cylinder truck engines that can be missing two sparkplugs and have a broken flywheel and have a crankshaft that’s 5000 millimeters off fitting properly, and two bad ball-bearings, and still runs. We’re in that kind of situation. We can have substantial parts of the population committing suicide, and still run and look fairly good.
    Thomas McGuane (b. 1939)