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List Of Category 5 Pacific Hurricanes - Lists of Category 5 Pacific Hurricanes - Listed By Date in Season
... Hurricanes have reached Category 5 intensity during every month from June to October ... The earliest Category 5 has formed in a season is June 7, by 1973's Hurricane Ava ... The latest Category 5 to form in a season is the 1959 Mexico hurricane, which reached peak intensity on October 27 ...
List Of Atlantic Hurricane Records - Extreme Latitudes and Longitudes
1958 - Hurricane Cleo was the easternmost forming Category 5 hurricane, at around 49.2°W. 1960 - Hurricane Ethel reached Category 5 intensity at 28.1° N, farther north than any other storm in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean ... in 1961 may hold the record, becoming a Category 5 at 27°N ...
List Of Category 5 Atlantic Hurricanes - Statistics
... TD TS C1 C2 C3 C4 =156 mph (>=250 km/h)">C5 A Category 5 hurricane has sustained winds greater than 136 knots (157 mph 252 km/h) ... Between 1924 and 2007, 35 hurricanes were recorded at Category 5 strength ... No Category 5 hurricanes were observed officially before 1924 ...

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    I see no reason for calling my work poetry except that there is no other category in which to put it.
    Marianne Moore (1887–1972)

    I stand here tonight to say that we have never known defeat; we have never been vanquished. We have not always reached the goal toward which we have striven, but in the hour of our greatest disappointment we could always point to our battlefield and say: “There we fought our good fight, there we defended the principles for which our ancestors and yours laid down their lives; there is our battlefield for justice, equality and freedom. Where is yours?”
    Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919)