Re-evaluation Counseling

Re-evaluation Counseling or RC is an organization founded in the United States by Harvey Jackins in the 1950s and led by him and others until his death in 1999, though his activity decreased greatly before his death. It introduced a procedure called "co-counseling", which Jackins said was a new and effective method of helping people and bringing about social reform. RC teaches co-counseling and runs workshops throughout the world. It is owned by Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources, Inc., a company based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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Re-evaluation Counseling - Organization
... official title is "The International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities" ... It is owned by Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources, Inc ... The corporation owns copyright in the terms "Re-evaluation Counseling", "RC" and "United to End Racism" ...
Co-counselling - Re-evaluation Counseling
... The term "re-evaluation" refers to the client's need to rethink their past distress experiences after the emotional hurt in those experiences have been discharged, and thereby regain ("re-emerge" with) their natural ... Re-evaluation Counselling regards other forms of "mainstream counselling" and psychotherapy in general as frequently inadequate attempts to bring about relief from distress ... Re-evaluation Counseling places a high importance on the need to understand and adhere to a comprehensive theory about the nature of the universe and of human ...