Raphael Finkel

Raphael Finkel (born 1951) is an American computer scientist and a professor at the University of Kentucky. He compiled the first version of the Jargon File. He is the author of An Operating Systems Vade Mecum, a textbook on operating systems, and Advanced Programming Language Design, an introductory book on programming paradigms. Raphael Finkel and J.L. Bentley created the data structure called the quadtree.

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... "jargon-1" or "the File") was made by Raphael Finkel at Stanford in 1975 ... Raphael Finkel dropped out of active participation shortly thereafter and Don Woods became the SAIL contact for the File (which was subsequently kept in duplicate at ... The other jargon-1 editors (Raphael Finkel, Don Woods, and Mark Crispin) contributed to this revision, as did Stallman and Geoff Goodfellow ...
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... Finkel was born in Chicago ... Finkel obtained a position at the University of Wisconsin–Madison after completing his doctorate, and remained there from 1976 until 1987, when he ...
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