Rajah Sulayman

Rajah Sulayman (1558–1575, derived from Arabic: سليمان) was the Muslim Rajah of Maynila, a kingdom at the mouth of the Pasig River where it meets Manila Bay, at the time the Spanish forces first came to Luzon.

Sulayman resisted the Spanish forces, and thus, along with Rajah Matanda and Lakan Dula, was one of three Rajahs who played significant roles in the drama that was the Spanish conquest of the kingdoms of the Pasig River delta in the early 1570s.

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Rajah Sulayman - Tarik Sulayman and The Battle of Bangkusay
... That chieftain, is referred to by Philippine historians as Tarik Sulayman ... of the Battle of Bangkusay, Tarik Sulayman of Macabebe and Rajah Sulaiman III of Manila are the same person ... Rajah Sulaiman III of Manila is clearly recorded as participating in the battle in 1574 ...
Battle Of Bankusay Channel - Battle
... On June 3, 1571, Tarik Sulayman, supported by Rajah Sulayman, led his troops down the Pampanga River and fought the battle in the bay of Bangkusay, off the port of Tondo ... who died at Bankusay is sometimes identified with Rajah Sulayman of the Kingdom of Maynila, Lakandula's contemporary ... However, it was clear in the Spanish records that Rajah Sulayman was able to survive the battle by escaping to Pampanga ...