Racial Inequality

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Public Sociology Today
... and inform public debate about deepening class and racial inequalities, new gender regimes, environmental degradation, market fundamentalism, state and ... over issues such as class and gender disparities and global inequality ... in however dilute form resulted in the increased presence and participation of racial minorities and women ...
Women In Brazil - Racial Inequality
... That said, in the last years, there is a tendency of soft decrease in Brazil's racial inequality ...
Transformative Asset - Writings
... Black Wealth/White Wealth investigates racial inequality in the United States, however, what sets Black Wealth/White Wealth apart from the numerous other works on racial inequality from this time period is ... Great Divides Readings in Social Inequality in the United States is a textbook on American social inequality compiled by Thomas Shapiro with contributions from classical and ... Additionally, and unlike existing readers on social inequality, Shapiro seeks to meld older, more famous texts (from authors such as Max Weber and W ...
Social Interpretations Of Race - Case Studies in The Social Construction of Race - Race in Politics and Ethics
... During the Enlightenment, racial classifications were used to justify enslavement of those deemed to be of "inferior", non-White races, and thus supposedly ... Arthur Gobineau's An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races (1853–1855) was one of the milestones in the new racist discourse, along with Vacher de Lapouge's "ant ... such as the Aryan race, and believed political boundaries should mirror these supposed racial ones ...

Famous quotes containing the words inequality and/or racial:

    All the aspects of this desert are beautiful, whether you behold it in fair weather or foul, or when the sun is just breaking out after a storm, and shining on its moist surface in the distance, it is so white, and pure, and level, and each slight inequality and track is so distinctly revealed; and when your eyes slide off this, they fall on the ocean.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Martin Luther King, Jr., was the conscience of his generation.... He and I grew up in the same South, he the son of a clergyman, I the son of a farmer. We both knew from opposite sides, the invisible wall of racial segregation.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)