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Naso (parsha) - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Numbers Chapter 6
... It was taught in a Baraita that Rabbi taught that the laws of the nazirite in Numbers 61–21 follow immediately those of the woman accused of being unfaithful in Numbers 511–31 ... taught that when they made the suspected wife drink, they told her that much might have been due to wine ... Rabbi Meir said that a person who said, "I take upon myself an obligation involving birds," became a nazirite," but the sages said that the person did not become a nazirite ...

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    We are told that every American boy has the chance of being president. I tell you that these little boys in the iron cages would sell their chance any day for good square meals and a chance to play.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)

    Calling a taxi in Texas is like calling a rabbi in Iraq.
    Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950)

    Joshua fit de battle ob Jerico, Jerico, Jerico,
    Joshua fit de battle ob Jerico,
    An’ de walls come tumblin’ down.
    —Unknown. Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho (l. 1–3)