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QuickDraw GX was a replacement for the QuickDraw (QD) 2D graphics engine and Printing Manager inside the "classic" Mac OS. Its underlying drawing platform was a resolution-independent object oriented retained mode system, making it much easier for programmers to perform common tasks (compared to the original QuickDraw). Additionally, GX added various curve-drawing commands that had been lacking from QD, as well as introducing TrueType as its basic font system.

While GX certainly addressed many of the problems QD had, by the time it was available most developers had already developed their own solutions to these problems anyway. GX also suffered from causing a number of incompatibilities in existing programs, notably those that had developed their own QD extensions. This, coupled with opposition from an important fraction of the developer market, especially PostScript owner Adobe, and a lack of communication from Apple about the benefits of GX and why users should adopt it, led to the technology being sidelined. QuickDraw GX was eventually "killed" with the purchase of NeXT and the eventual adoption of the Quartz imaging model in Mac OS X, but many of its component features lived on and are now standard in the current Macintosh platform.

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... He had worked on Color QuickDraw, and went on to become an early member of Rocket Science Games and WebTV ... He was the primary developer of the color architecture for QuickDraw GX ... David Van Brink Robert Johnson was the resident mathematician for QuickDraw GX ...
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... QuickDraw GX was a complete overhaul of the Macintosh graphics system, including the font system, which was rolled out for System 7.5 in 1995 ... QuickDraw GX fonts could be in either TrueType or PostScript Type 1 formats, and included additional information about the glyphs and their purpose ... glyph variations, kerning information and small caps, could be used by any GX enabled application ...