Pursuit of Nazi Collaborators

The pursuit of Nazi collaborators refers to the post-World War II pursuit and apprehension of individuals who were not citizens of the Third Reich at the outbreak of World War II and collaborated with the Nazi regime during the war. Hence, this article does not cover former members of the NSDAP and their fate after the war.

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Pursuit Of Nazi Collaborators - Pursuit in Specific Countries - Yugoslavia
... The reprisals for collaboration with the Nazis were particularly harsh in Yugoslavia, because collaborators were also on the losing side of a de facto civil war fought on the Yugoslav territory ... The Partisans executed many Ustashe, as well as their collaborators, particularly in a series of atrocities referred to as the Bleiburg tragedy ... who fled the country, including the leader of the Ustashe and their pro-Nazi government, Ante Pavelić ...

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