Punjab Agricultural University - International and State Awards and Achievements

International and State Awards and Achievements

The faculty members and the postgraduate students of the university have won numerous national and international awards and honours (some of them are listed below). PAU has produced brilliant sportsmen and women.

  • Padma Bhushan
  • Padma Shri
  • Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award
  • Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
  • Hari Om Ashram Trust Award
  • ICAR
  • Best Teacher Award
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award.

Also it has achieved the fellowship of the professional scientific academies and societies in recognition of their outstanding contributions (listed below):

  • Third World Academy of Sciences
  • Indian National Science Academy
  • National academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • National Academy of Veterinary Sciences
  • Best Institution Award, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research - 1995.

It has been acclaimed as Best Agricultural University in Asia. PAU has achieved distinguished status at the national and international level. It has played a unique role in ushering in the Green Revolution in India.

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