Public Policy Degrees

Public policy degrees, public administration degrees and public affairs degrees are master and PhD level professional degrees offered by public policy schools. These include:

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1890s - Economics
... race-based appeals to try to divide the workers and turn the public against the strikers ... newspapers also began a campaign designed to create public hysteria ... The monetary policy standard supported by the candidates of the two major parties arguably dominated their electoral campaigns ...
Nazi Party - History - Origins and Early Existence: 1918–1923
... race Blood and soil Eugenics Greater Germanic Reich Heim ins Reich Lebensraum Master race Racial policy of Nazi Germany Völkisch equality Final Solution Concentration ... supported middle-class citizens, and that the party's socialist policy was meant to give social welfare to German citizens deemed part of the Aryan race ... The DAP did not attempt to make itself public, and meetings were kept in relative secrecy, with public speakers discussing what they thought of Germany's present state of affairs, or writing to like-minded ...
Public Policy Degrees - Master's Degrees
... Master of Arts in International Policy Studies (MAIPS) Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) Master of Public Policy and ...
Fascism - History - World War I and Aftermath (1914—1929)
... respective areas, including labour, industry, transportation, public health, communications, etc ... labour unions as in industrial executives and public servants, reorganization of the transportation sector, revision of the draft law on invalidity insurance, reduction of the ... duties, nationalization of the armaments industry, and a foreign policy designed to be peaceful but also competitive ...

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    Pure Spirit, one hundred degrees proof—that’s a drink that only the most hardened contemplation-guzzlers indulge in. Bodhisattvas dilute their Nirvana with equal parts of love and work.
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    In the planning and designing of new communities, housing projects, and urban renewal, the planners both public and private, need to give explicit consideration to the kind of world that is being created for the children who will be growing up in these settings. Particular attention should be given to the opportunities which the environment presents or precludes for involvement of children with persons both older and younger than themselves.
    Urie Bronfenbrenner (b. 1917)

    U.S. international and security policy ... has as its primary goal the preservation of what we might call “the Fifth Freedom,” understood crudely but with a fair degree of accuracy as the freedom to rob, to exploit and to dominate, to undertake any course of action to ensure that existing privilege is protected and advanced.
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)