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Cell-free Protein Array - Advantages
... Many of the advantages of cell-free protein array technology address the limitations of cell-based expression system used in traditional methods of protein microarray production ... of NAPPA) and can quickly convert genetic information into functional proteins by using PCR DNA ... Improves protein availability Many proteins, including antibodies, are difficult to express in host cells due to problems with insolubility, disulfide bonds or host cell ...
Cell-free Protein Array - Overview / Background
... The runaway success of DNA microarrays has generated much enthusiasm for protein microarrays ... However, protein microarrays have not quite taken off as expected, even with the necessary tools and know-how from DNA microarrays being in place and ready for adaptation ... One major reason is that protein microarrays are much more laborious and technically challenging to construct than DNA microarrays ...
Bio-MEMS For Diagnostics - Genomic and Proteomic Microarrays - Peptide and Protein Microarrays
... The motivation for using peptide and protein microarrays is firstly because mRNA transcripts often correlate poorly with the actual amount of protein ... Secondly, DNA microarrays cannot identify post-translational modification of proteins, which directly influences protein function ... A protein microarray consists of a protein library immobilized on a substrate chip, usually glass, silicon, polystyrene, PVDF, or nitrocellulose ...

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