Professor Jamil

Professor Jamil is a small town and municipality in south-central Goiás state, Brazil. The population was 3,298 (2007) in a total area of 347.4 km².

Geographical information

Located 66 kilometers south of the state capital, Goiânia, on BR-153, Professor Jamil has boundaries with the following municipalities:

  • north: Hidrolândia;
  • south: Mairipotaba and Piracanjuba;
  • east: Piracanjuba;
  • west: Cromínia and Mairipotaba

In road connections there are two state highways and several local roads linking the rural area to the town. The most important interstate highway of the state--BR153--crosses the municipality from north to south, connecting Professor Jamil to all the regions of Brazil.


The origin of the town goes back to 1942 when a group of people got together and built a football field. Soon the first grocery store appeared. The first mass was prayed in 1952 when the settlement was called Campo Limpo. Soon it became a district of Piracanjuba and was emancipated in 1991 with the name, Professor Jamil, in homage to one of the first pioneers, Jamil Salim Safady, of Lebanese origin.


  • Population density: 9.49 inhab/km² (2007)
  • Urban population: 2,342(2007)
  • Rural population: 956 (2007)
  • Population growth or loss: -0.45% from 2000/2007

The Economy

The economy is based on agriculture, cattle raising, services, public administration, and small transformation industries. There is also a poultry industry, swine raising and extraction of sand.

  • Industrial units: 0 (2007)
  • Commercial units: 41 (2007)
  • Bank agencies: none (June 2005)
  • Dairies: - Indústria de Laticínios Boa Nova Ltda (22/05/2006)
  • Cattle herd: 40,290 head (2006)
  • Main crops (2006): rice and corn.
  • Number of agricultural establishments: 299
  • Area of agricultural establishments: 34,943 ha.
  • Area of crops: 2,335 ha.
  • Area of natural pasture: 28,310 ha.
  • Persons working in agriculture: 835
  • Farms with tractors. 54 IBGE

Education (2006)

  • Schools: 5 with 1,011 students
  • Higher education: none
  • Adult literacy rate: 83.7% (2000) (national average was 86.4%)

Health (2007)

  • Hospitals: 0
  • Hospital beds: 0
  • Ambulatory clinics: 1
  • Infant mortality rate: 27.9 (2000) (national average was 33.0).

Municipal Human Development Index

  • MHDI: 0.736
  • State ranking: 123 (out of 242 municipalities)
  • National ranking: 2,229 (out of 5,507 municipalities) For the complete list see

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