Procedure Call

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Goto - Alternatives - Tail Calls
... Steele summarized the debate over the GOTO and structured programming, and observed that procedure calls in the tail position of a procedure can be most optimally treated as a direct ... Since such "tail calls" are very common in Lisp, a language where procedure calls are ubiquitous, this form of optimization considerably reduces the cost of a procedure call ... Steele argued that poorly implemented procedure calls had led to an artificial perception that the GOTO was cheap compared to the procedure call ...
Local Procedure Call
... The Local Procedure Call (LPC, often also referred to as Lightweight Procedure Call or Local Inter-Process Communication) is an internal, undocumented inter-process communication facility provided by the ... As of Windows Vista, LPC has been rewritten as Advanced Local Procedure Call (ALPC) in order to provide a high-speed scalable communication mechanism required to efficiently implement User-Mode Driver ... However, it can be used indirectly in the following instances when using Remote Procedure Call API to communicate locally, i.e ...

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