Prinz Eugen

Prinz Eugen is the German term for Prince Eugene of Savoy, and the folksong Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter.

In addition, the following were named for Prince Eugene:

  • SMS Prinz Eugen, an Austrian World War I battleship
  • German cruiser Prinz Eugen (later USS Prinz Eugen), a World War II heavy cruiser
  • 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen, a division of the German Waffen-SS
  • Prinz Eugen, a 1960 biography by Alexander Lernet-Holenia

In other languages:

  • HMS Prince Eugene, a British World War I monitor
  • Italian cruiser Eugenio di Savoia, a World War II light cruiser

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Admiral Hipper Class Cruiser
... The class comprised Admiral Hipper, the lead ship, Blücher, Prinz Eugen, Seydlitz, and Lützow ... Prinz Eugen saw her first action during Operation Rheinübung with the battleship Bismarck ... Only Prinz Eugen continued to serve in full commission and stayed in the Baltic until the end of the war ...
Adalbert Schneider - Naval Career - Battle of The Denmark Strait
... The hydrophones on Prinz Eugen detected the sounds of an unknown ship to port at 0500 ... battle order, Prince of Wales and Hood opened fire on the Prinz Eugen instead ... from combat at about 0609, after seven direct hits four by Bismarck and three by Prinz Eugen ...
List Of Naval Ship Classes Of Germany - Surface Combatants - Heavy Cruisers (Schwerer Kreuzer) - Admiral Hipper Class
... Displacement 18,200 tons (18,400 tons for Prinz Eugen) Armament 8 x 20 cm (8") guns 12 x 10.5 cm guns 6 x 4 cm AA guns 8 x 3.7 cm AA guns 32 x 2 cm AA guns 12 x 53 cm (21") torpedo tubes (Prinz Eugen shipped ...
List Of Knight's Cross Recipients 7th SS Volunteer Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen
... The 7th SS Volunteer Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen was a German volunteer Waffen-SS Mountain division ... The Prinz Eugen was formed from Volksdeutsche personnel from Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Romania ...
Admiral Hipper Class Cruiser - Design - Machinery
... Admiral Hipper's and Blücher's engines were built by Blohm Voss, while Prinz Eugen's turbines were built by Germaniawerft ... Admiral Hipper's and Prinz Eugen's boilers were manufactured by Wagner, while the boilers for the other three ships were built by La Mont ... Prinz Eugen, Seydlitz, and Lützow were equipped with three 150 kW diesel generators, four 460 kW turbo-generators, one 230 kW turbo-generator, and one 150 kW AC generator, for a total of 2870 kW ...