Princes of Condé

Princes Of Condé

The Most Serene House of Condé (named after Condé-en-Brie, now in the Aisne département) is a historical French house, a noble lineage of descent from a single ancestor. The name of the house was derived from the title Prince of Condé originally assumed circa 1557 by the French Protestant leader, Louis de Bourbon (1530–1569), uncle of King Henry IV of France, and borne by his male line descendants. It became extinct in 1830 when his eighth generation descendant Louis Henri Joseph de Bourbon died without surviving male issue.

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Princes Of Condé - Condé Residences
... The Condé Palace or hôtel de Condé, was the Parisian house of the Condé family situated in the 6th district of Paris ... The family had two seats outside Paris the château de Condé in Condé-en-Brie, Aisne, which they ceased to own by 1624 ... This was the home of the Grand Condé during his exile from court, and the host château of a party given in honour of Louis XIV in 1671 ...
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... Charles, Duke of Vendôme, jure matris 1547–1557 Jean VII 1557–1569 Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé, brother of prec ... de Bourbon 1641–1656 Marie de Bourbon, Princess of Carignano (died 1692), sister of prec ...

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