Prince Chun

Prince Chun may refer to:

  • Yixuan, Prince Chun (1840-1891), prince of the Qing Dynasty
  • Zaifeng, Prince Chun (1883-1951), prince of the Qing Dynasty

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Empress Dowager Cixi - Regency Over The Guangxu Emperor - New Challenges
... the two Dowagers, Zaitian, the first-born of the Prince Chun Yixuan and Cixi's sister, then aged four, was to become the new Emperor ... tipped completely in Cixi's favor, and Prince Gong's position was considerably weakened ... The once fierce and determined Prince Gong, frustrated by Cixi's iron grip on power, did little to question Cixi on state affairs, and supported Manchu ...
Puyi - Ancestry - Paternal Side
... Puyi's paternal grandfather was Yixuan, Prince Chun (1840–1891), the seventh son of the Daoguang Emperor and a younger half-brother of the Xianfeng. 1875–1908), son of 1st Prince Chun and Lady Yehenara Wanzhen (younger sister of Empress Dowager Cixi) ... Puyi, who succeeded the Guangxu Emperor, was the eldest son of Zaifeng, Prince Chun, who was born to Yixuan, Prince Chun and his second concubine Lady Lingiya (1866–1925) ...
Prince Chun Mansion
... The Prince Chun Mansion (醇親王府) is a large residence in the siheyuan style and garden located near the Shichahai in central Beijing ... Originally it was the lavish residence of Prince Chun now the mansion is a public museum and is open to visitors all year around ...

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