Primitives may refer to:

  • The Primitives, alternative rock band
  • The Primitives, alternative country band, precursor to Uncle Tupelo
  • The Primitives, parody band formed in 1964 with Lou Reed and John Cale
  • Artists of the early International Gothic period of art, in particular:
    • Early Renaissance painting
    • Early Netherlandish painting
  • Primitives (stamps), crudely designed early postage stamps

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Interpreted Language Primitives
... statement has similarities to the HLL primitives but with a further added 'layer' ... statement, first, it has to be processed by an interpreter, a process that may involve many primitives in the target machine language ...
PKCS1 - Primitives
... The standard defines several basic primitives ... The primitive operations provide the fundamental instructions for turning the raw mathematical formulas into computable algorithms ...
Fourth and Fifth-generation Programming Language Primitives
... one-to-many correspondence from high-to-low level primitives ... There are some elements of interpreted language primitives embodied in 4gl and 5gl specifications but the approach to the original problem is less a procedural language construct and are more ...
Skype Security - Implementation and Protocols - Cryptographic Primitives
... Skype uses standard cryptographic primitives to achieve its security goals ... The cryptographic primitives used in Skype are the AES block cipher, the RSA public-key cryptosystem, the ISO 9796-2 signature padding scheme, the SHA ...
SVG Filter Effects - SVG Filter Primitives
... The following table lists the filter primitives available in both SVG 1.0 and SVG 1.1 ... does not support filter effects, while SVG Basic supports only those filter primitives shown Name Element SVG Basic Blend feBlend Yes Color matrix feColorMatrix Yes Component transfer ...